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New stock being uploaded tomorrow night...
hope vapes are back asap!
EU customers (starting 1 Jan 2021)
It is indeed a problem we cannot enjoy tgt , rb and many others goodies without customs in the game. Try EU based vendors ,Iā€™d gave hootan a go and wo…
What live resin strain do you want for our next carts?
Any chance to get these beauties for EU customers mate?we lookin forward ,cheers
Next cart
I love them all but super sour diesal left me dead as no other.
Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
Let us know if RB is successful for you mate please, hashishin's stealth is sick,the product is really good quality but may got low THC content for us… + 4 more
dont order if not in uk..just got ganked
outside uk and never had an issue, mj is most reliable and honest vendor here, had a problem with one of my vapes , did not even ask them for a replac…
Does radar give out tracking code?
RB is top mates, I had some issue and always helped out, he provided tracking as well without problems,Hope you all get sorted guys , cheers
on  kremmen
Radar Breeder sucks!
RB will sort always if possible guys , according to my experience, they have always been fair and realiable to me, just inform him and insist if no re…
on  Annap
Which vendor do you trust for orders outside UK
Hashisin for hash but careful with the time delivery, it mat take a while. Radarbreeder for weed, best option , been ordering for a while and never ha… + 3 more
Hash-oil 'Vape Juice' Separation
Thank you for this , I was thinking about an order but needed this to feel reassured, will be ordering to try this beauty soon , thanks for the work! …
First batch wasn't good enough
Looking forward to try ,thanks mate + 2 more
4/10 someone's been smoking crack
I fully agree mates...4/10 is sick....this product is the best thing you can find in europe, not even in the netherlands you can get such a beauty-fin…
ordered last Saturday and after having read all these reviews I must say the wait is killing me guys
on  davesarge
I was waiting for a week for one and about 5 days for the second one including the weekend, I am closer to the Uk than Spain but if you order from som…
Ordered without logging in
I have done the same...I pmed rb and after some checkings he confirmed the order will be sent, should not be a problem