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Vaping vs Smoking
by  Mattc81
Banks considering stopping transfers to buy Bitcoin
by  Mattc81
Anyone had responses from JJ
by  Mattc81
Anyone paid for NDD but not turned up
by  Mattc81
Green Finger sitting on orders
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Worst song ever? And why... GO!
Come on Eileen, it is the worst thing ever created. Can’t stand the guys voice.
Great Combination
started topic
on  Hu3Shotz
Order showing as unpaid
Yeah obviously an issue today happened with my order as well. Eventually said paid but then the vendor cancelled it, hopefully I’ll get the money back…
{buy help}
Is a vendor online
If you go to their page it should tell you if they are online or when they were last online.
bit of a predicament
It should arrive tomo, obviously the bank holidays slow deliveries down. But it shouldn’t say sent until it’s actually sent, I’ve had issues with that…
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
I always find jam jars are good, wrapping them in clingfilm helps as well.
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Website playing up?
It keeps telling me I have to wait before making another order? I thought my account might have been restricted for some reason. Hopefully just a temp…
Package Stealth
On my last order I noticed the postman was squeezing the envelope and looking a bit suspicious, boxes would be a good idea.
Ordered but no update?
I ordered Tuesday 7th April and still nothing as of the 17th, I’ve used RB before and service was quick. Getting a bit concerned but hopefully it will… + 2 more
Delivery EU etc.
I’m in the uk been waiting 6 days, postman has just been and still nothing!