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Handmade hash dropping over the next week or so
Salivating at the thought : )
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Oh god, don't get someone started on that barcode stuff, apparently it's super easy to fake! lol Don't see why some people are so intent on vexing abo… + 2 more
I have an order placed on the 30th March still not arrive, but placed another order on the 18th Apr which arrived (1st class, not signed or NDD) in 5 …
Good luck for the future and no hard feelings;) peace
Gingeee, not sure what Bigbum's prob with #UK is, but they're legit. Bought off them multiple times, big and small bits, hash always as described and …
Genuine or not.??
Hey Bigorre, what country did you get it delivered to? Stealth is a slight worry as I'm UK based...