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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Oh god, don't get someone started on that barcode stuff, apparently it's super easy to fake! lol Don't see why some people are so intent on vexing abo… + 2 more
Ah shucks, I ordered at full price yesterday : ( Although even those prices were decent! Looking forward to it : )
Smoothies review
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Lets get #hashtaguk back on the wall!
I'm with you TinTin, been using #UK since they started and haven't been disappointed yet. I would argue they are better priced than others, considerin…
Order No Show
In the current climate - pandemic, snow (we know how Brits deal with snow...) and Xmas sorters being let go - 20 - 30 days is a fair time to wait befo…
Want some but…
Heat sealed zip lock bag - no smell at all - in a jiffy is my experience, perfectly acceptable imo - King Louis is lovely
Handmade hash dropping over the next week or so
Salivating at the thought : )
Good luck for the future and no hard feelings;) peace
Gingeee, not sure what Bigbum's prob with #UK is, but they're legit. Bought off them multiple times, big and small bits, hash always as described and …
Genuine or not.??
Hey Bigorre, what country did you get it delivered to? Stealth is a slight worry as I'm UK based...
Is this really bubble hash for this price ?
Nice one, shame not bubble, but if it packs a punch, I'm in! + 2 more
Much better! Makes me want to try it now:)
I've tested the waters with a G and will post a review and pics once it drops - I went for std 1st class so we'll see when that is haha So far Empor…
on  Bigbum
Where is hashlover420? I need an egg;)
Not sure how old this is, but he's back! (end of Nov) I just got a Florida OG egg and my oh my!
Where are you
Dropped you a message mate : )
Ordered very late on Tuesday, received an email notification and was sent first thing Weds. Arrived Friday post, great stealth & bang on weight. F… + 2 more
what do you guys want to see next?
Amazing! I've got a Purple Lemonade on the go in my conservatory, early days but looking good!