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Good discreet option?
Smells like an e-cig mate would definitely recomme…
on  {rap}
Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
Hahaha mate 100% the same!! Weeded memory sucks!! … + 4 more
Best hash on LB UK
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on  {gaming}
What's everyone playing during the quarentine?
Got a Switch at Christmas time and currently addic… + 2 more
Review - drysift Moroccan Egg
Can not recommend this seller and products more hi…
Things to do with decarb...
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How much of this per edible?
Hi mate - wondering the same thing! How did you ge…
on  skunky99
Hashishin / Red Lebanese Hash
Let us know what it’s like when it arrives :…
"Love when my pack drops" Comment if you love it too, would love to see pics with your comments :)
Quite literally like a kid at crimbo when I receiv…
THC Per Pack ?
Hi mate - I’ve ordered these in the past (go… + 2 more
Where has all the hash gone?...
No more chapo?
:D that pic made me laugh out loud! I’ve got… + 5 more