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20 Year veteran consumer.
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$102 Dollars for 5 GRAMS.
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Reassurance before taking the plunge
Hey mate. I get it delivered to work it's that discreet. I'm 100% confident in Radar.
Accuses you of exactly what he's doing.
You're a right charmer pal aren't you.
Triple G Strain
started topic + 2 more
One of my favorites is back!
Hey epix. Was it graded B last time around? I wasn't about then? Cheers.
Top Vendor
I wholeheartedly agree. I have had a very similar experience. Although all the vendors have been great that I've tried. I've used JJ, British Bulldo…
The Gentlemen Dealers
Welcome guys. Look forward to checking out the wares. Even tho I am relatively new, I can already tell honesty and integrity in all the regular vend…
What a lineup! Thank you God's Connect for all your work.
Canadian ; )
Thanks for the update guys. When can we see?
{lb help}
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Novice Advice
Hey Diesmenba. Did they not mean it's down to royal mail when it gets "Delivered" not "Posted". TGT are busy and active in other …
on  Sammy2912
I'm sorry to hear that mate, but I'm sure your TGT package will turn up eventually. At the moment NDD from Radarbreeder OR JJ is the way to go like o…
New Grower
Welcome Greenfinger. Beautiful looking flowers mate. I'll hit you op soon.
on  588Swarm
Is there a backup site
There is a darknet link. Society through the tor browser. And I noticed this morning that was working fine and clearnet was down. + 2 more