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What's all this rubbish
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What Brought You To Biggy?
Street dealers of a certain persuasion seek to hav…
Cake available
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Birthday Kush
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D James
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No post this Friday VE Day
Jj is one that springs to mind and radar breeder + 3 more
i seen it all
Forget tooboy you seen snowfall
Item confiscated at Gatwick depot ?!
Nah I have had two seized before anything under ab…
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Last hour for free same day dispatch
Is it next day or first class
What time is last for ndd do I have time
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All tracking labels again today no working again nightmare for me .28th April. JJ
It's me I'm cursed with post round here Ill be lo…
Sorting tonight then taking a break
Did you just hit dispute button + 7 more
First order fkd postage
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Distillate cart
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All caught up
Not sure he is around I am getting no response + 2 more
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