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im not sure if it will ever work out right
share oasis and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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best hype doctor on little biggy?
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The good old "Cali" claims
a bigga of conscience! imho if you can't prove it you're lowering yourself to standards you know are wrong.
on  {nations}
List of countries by income equality
slavs and nordics sure dominate the top
Half refund or reship
Never accept this, go to escrow suisse and make a dispute right away.
on  {shade}
NYPD Deploys Creepy Robot Dog In Public Housing
Seems like there is a robot stick up its ass + 2 more
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
That's cheating but hell yes! + 2 more
to the sellers that stayed online during the blockchain meltdown: STRONGER
when the pressure is on character really shows
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
implies long term scientific thinking on their part so..
great, do you have any previous identities you can refer us to? would help kickstart your reputation here.
on  {gaming}
The Vigilante Hunting Down Cheaters in Video Games
There's a rastaman in every crowd.
The Royals Should Pay Slavery Reparations
feudalism is very different to slavery, some of our ancestors had the pluck to get out of it and become tradesmen, artisans, even adventurers. today a… + 2 more
50% Refund
its effect is on escrow which is where a bigga should always start. you can cancel your dispute after you start it.
A Jew and a Scotsman have dinner.
hold on a sec the scott was a counterfeiter and it was a chinese restaurant
Glen Greenwald on Terror Propaganda (The Intercept)
this is why we dont need conspiracy theory, what's already on the table is enough to reach a conclusion about power, propoganda and how they are used
on  Apexskunk
"Cali" weed help
anyone can all anything cali - so its worthless until proven otherwise