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A cry for Hash
Yeh same with flower lack of options for anything more than 14g and most options are over priced - definitely slowed down use of LB recently with some…
What Brought You To Biggy?
Great topic! I came in search of this place because of lockdown really so feel like I have stumbled upon the beach like di caprio :) I have 2 very … + 2 more
on  Calthai
Where the Thai at? Haven't seen any since start of August. + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Do I need a Bitcoin wallet?
Recommend following TGT guidance :) + 2 more
Stupid Prices Again! SOMEBODY SAVE LB
Will prices come down if vendors are not seeing an impact on their profits? Can't believe the prices I am seeing but what's more unbelievable is peopl…
Outdoor Growing?
I have just planted in the greenhouse for the first time. Using large pots that drain well - filled with compost and watered well for 2 weeks prior to…
on  BazzerAK
RB with out doubt and still my go too guy
Hail RB - will be a welcome return
Thai Thai Thai where art thou!
Just finished my last bit of BoW thai - been on the look out for red string/swaz/cess since start of August but nothing! + 2 more
Big ups for trying
started topic
on  Ianbrophy
Christmas hampers?
Premium Extracts do some awesome packs
on  cheech
Smoking Stealth
Can totally relate to this topic. From living next door to grow houses and brothels suddenly now in the country I feel like the bad guy for blazing it…