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Quick thoughts
Looks a bit “meh” for the money. Fair …
Absolute Joke!
It’s 50/50 for me, either top notch or a bit… + 3 more
Good price lads
Well in Sensi, taking one for the team! This does …
TGT *Premium* Gelato Review
I’ve got some of my own so I know it isn&rsq… + 11 more
Super silver haze
Had a recent drop of this, still the best weed val…
RB's Gelato Dawg Review
Not had #33 before but the more I smoke and resear… + 2 more
Super duper silver
Yes-totally agree. Old school, but well grown and …
Can’t recommend this enough
started topic
on  sensiman
Gelato Dawg from RB
Still great value, I’m only comparing to the… + 7 more
money taken but no product arrived
Looks to me like he’s effectively taken pre … + 2 more
Leaving negative feedback
Well said
Tomorrow... is only a day awayyyyy
*^:::: ALL LB USERS, READ ME ::::^*
I find the problem is that people in the UK have b… + 2 more
on  sensiman
Hootan's Jaffabone
Was it as good as everyone says? + 2 more