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Oldskool Flavours
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Fruity Pebbles OG review!
Is this a recent one dude?
Yeah I'm that guy
...however if you do have mental health issues may… + 4 more
Not as described
I have mixed feelings, it stinks to high heaven an…
Trust the men with ven
started topic
My favourite!
Not sure what people are smoking here but what I r…
on  Katy
Neighbour saying they will go to police!
I try to be as careful as I can, if it’s hot… + 2 more
RB's StarDawg A+ Review
As of 09/09 I have to agree sir. For anyone out th…
The chemdawg stinks to high heaven, a little bit f…
TGT Mimosa Review :)
Especially when you have reviews saying they are f…
Super silver haze
Had a recent drop of this, still the best weed val…
Has anyone reviewed JJs Harybo?
The high is pretty decent too and I’m a HEAV… + 2 more
what do you guys want to see next?
Not sure if even possible anymore, but some top su…