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I need a new series to watch
One of my all-time favourites will always be Daria. I just love that sassy, sarcastic, little oddball in her socially satire highschool world. Someti…
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Best games of this/last gen?
Xenoblade Chronicles 1+ 2 for the Switch and Persona 5 Royal - Ps4- are my favourites RPGs for the last Gen. They just feel right, the persona sound…
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Time for A Deeper Game, Any Suggestions?
If you are into JRPGs, please give Xenosaga 1-3 a try. The Gameplay gets better over time , the music and story are really something else. Still one i…
Great ideas from you guys. Although I 'm currently broke and still enjoying your thai red string. I will definitely keep it mind.
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Just for fun...Finish the sentence.
Play to games and listen to music,playing with my cats, binging Netflix etc. I just appreciate the small things and try to see the beauty in every d…
how does shipping and stealth wotk from the middle east?
It works like a charm. I ordered from Hashishin twice now. It takes a little longer (just imagine tge distance and troubled times we live in) , but go…