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Any NDD recommendations
Have I been Skanked
Bit disappointed by Trump
A question for any vendors
Sausage or crumble
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Best weed movie?
Point Break (original) is a great movie to watch while stoned, failing that Supertroopers is always a winner!
Best places you've smoked?
Totally agree, On top of a mountain after a morning skiing/boarding with the sun on your back in my opinion is the ultimate place to smoke a joint. + 3 more
on  EasyMe33
Best vendor for NDD?
Hello Just to share some love. I have been using Mkk2020. They always turn up next day (unless the postie is having a day off) I have used them at…
on  Nobby73
Do we know the source of our weed?
I agree, I really don’t want to be part of a problem with the most simple answer (legalise it, but a conversation for another time). Thank you for hi…