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Any NDD recommendations

I have been let down by one vendor so I ordered a NDD from another that hasn’t shown up.

I am going to order my 2nd back up, so I was wondering if anyone had any reliable NDD recommendations.

Dr. Green thumb is my 100% record holder for ndd
Agreed 100%
Thanks for all the recommendations.

I see dr green thumb twice so I will give them a crack.

Out of interest how long does everyone give it until they write off the order? Let’s face it RM has its issues but it’s not that bad really!
Just go with the system : 9 days after ordering a Dispute tab appears on your order page. LB know that for domestic orders (you can extend for foreign) if it hasn’t arrived after 9 days it probably isn’t coming.So you dispute and that protects your coin. If your order arrives or you resolve it with the vendor you can cancel the dispute. It’s simple in design but Biggas still make it complicated! 🙉
Out of all the vendors I have used pistach has always been next day as long as you pay the extra for next day.
Usually order of him before 130pm and it’s on my doorstep for 1pm next day
Always good service from him 👍
Greentech ,Dr greenthumb,tgd,pistach all ndd .greentech falcon delivery top notch
Greentech ⚡️Fast. ✊
Pistach all the way for next day deliveries 🚚 pay the extra postage
Not tried green tech or tgd yet but they are on the radar 😀
Canadian Imports 💚🇨🇦🇬🇧, or DrGreenThumb 👍
TGD (The Gentlemen Dealers) - lots of buys with them and deliveries have always been next day (when postal strikes aren't happening - took 2 days during the strike).
we offer free next day delivery on all items.
Check us out and feel free to ask us any questions :)
Check out my big variety of UK bud, Cali Bud, Hash and shake :) Special delivery offered all products ! 🥰
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Best weed movie?
Point Break (original) is a great movie to watch while stoned, failing that Supertroopers is always a winner!
Best places you've smoked?
Totally agree, On top of a mountain after a morning skiing/boarding with the sun on your back in my opinion is the ultimate place to smoke a joint. + 3 more
on  EasyMe33
Best vendor for NDD?
Hello Just to share some love. I have been using Mkk2020. They always turn up next day (unless the postie is having a day off) I have used them at…
on  Nobby73
Do we know the source of our weed?
I agree, I really don’t want to be part of a problem with the most simple answer (legalise it, but a conversation for another time). Thank you for hi…