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BTC Network Slow ?
Dab Rigs
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biggaz breath hacks?
What Cley said :D
You could also give MJ a shout and see if they can get a custom order together for you to avoid multiple coin transactions. However if you've got the …
This is the Doctor they told you to go see
I can absolutely second this as the same thing happened with a package unfortunately going missing but Doc was superb all round. The 50/50 cart is als…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Best Cheaper Vaporizer to start with?
I've got a Sapphire by Storm and it does the trick for me. I usually only vape flower if I've had a few beers so it's not used daily but it's easy to …
{buy help}
Order not fulfilled - vendor none responsive
Name and shame. Got a guess who it is...
started topic + 4 more
What is your favourite thing to do while stoned.
Cycling through the countryside is an absolute delight. Cooking and listening to the radio. Drinking sour beer :)
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Dank Loyalty Scheme
That gave me chuckle :D
MJ Concentrates - Vape Cart Noob...
My missus will be a giggling mess after 3 puffs on one of these so go easy ! Make sure you vape at a low wattage as well :) + 3 more
dont order if not in uk..just got ganked
I'll vouch for MJ here, been using for nearly a year and have placed a good chunk of orders with no issues. The cunts are the people who have seized y…
What kind of cartridge mouth piece would you like?
Any idea when you'll have different mouthpieces in stock ? Keen to try but can't stand the wood unfortunately.
Is there a decent amount of this ? Funds tight for the next few days but literally saw a comment about your Portland Mimosa earlier and am very eager …
Sticky - what do I do with it?
Dab it son !!
Lab results!
Caring for your customers, love to see it. Big up Mama !