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What is the best video game plot you have experienced?
Old School- I used to love the original Silent Hill on Playstation, thought that was a really clever game. Also MYST.
Best hash on LB UK
Im waiting on some Critical from RB.. a day later than NDD at the minute.. I only saw the negative reviews after ordering although wondered if they we… + 4 more
on  skunk76
swazi or thai?
I remember back in the early 1990’s when Thai Red Stick was highly prized and so exotic if you could get some.. It was all mainly Hash back then too. …
Tobacco Substitutes
Welcome Unclefuzzy! Try this stuff, its not as strong as Tobacco but it rolls and smokes nicely and lets you taste the weed more than you do with toba…
Cali weed vs Dutch and Spanish weed... is it all clever marketing
Great thread. I’ve enjoyed reading all the replies but what sticks with me is that same doubt... I don't think much genuine Cali grown weed makes it o…
best way to smoke hash?
Personally I don't think you can beat Hash, rolled into a spliff with tobacco, enjoyed slowly with good company. I gave up tobacco a while ago but ha… + 2 more