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My turn...
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I have been scammed TGT
That doesnt reconcile at all with my experience. M…
TGT *Premium* Gelato Review
Aaah damnit. After papaya, strawberry and banana i…
Another load of strains!
Ive gone for the kush and the haze in the end. Tha… + 2 more
TGT Elphinstone *PREMIUM* Review
So, thanks for the recommendation. Mine arrived, m… + 3 more
Very Upset
Yeah thats absolutely the case. And its the same a… + 3 more
TGT's Banana Haze Review!
The activeness was really key with this one. I qui…
Missing order
Yes my first order was done without logging in. Co…
What a lovely bit of haze !
Mine arrived today fleur - hope you get yours too.
Arjans Strawberry Haze Review
Cheers for the review - always find yours helpful.…
Absolute quality
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bigg now