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Looking for a nice Hash!
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This is so tempting it looks stunning, hat's off
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I'm a seasoned smoker but I can't justify spending…
I couldn’t even vape mine it had a chemical … + 2 more
Best Place To Buy High Quality Seeds?
Guardian of the lost terps, Congo seed project,
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I’m not quite sure tbh but Drugs inc did men… + 2 more
Hash: "Old is Gold"?
Wrap cellophane around it ( very tightly) jar it a… + 2 more
Royal Maroc or 24K Kush Hash
Sticking with TGT from now on, hash is spot on eve…
Ancient Aliens
Read some of Graham Hancock’s work or furthe…
Shite strains
I was referring to myself, once bitten twice shy. … + 2 more
‘Cannabis burned during worship’ by ancient Israelites – study (BBC)
Apparently large quantities of cannabis oil was us…
Lb Sample packs
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