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If you don't know by now, you should.
Easily my favourite strain. Weird thing is when I get any other ice cream cake it tastes nothing like this let alone anywhere near as good! 10/10 whic…
best ways to partake broke?
Shotties mate 9mm copper piping, coke bottle with water, small bit of fag cut off with blade and stamp in hash. High as fuck
Where is my package
I’ve got special delivery with another vendor due since 16th December. Loads of others in the same boat. Just gonna have to wait it out mate like the …
on  {rap}
Best Rap Show You've Ever Been To?
Rock the Bells in Amsterdam, think it was 2009 or 10. What a line-up De La Soul, Pharcyde, Nas, EPMD. Incredible show!
how 2 control kids use of little biggy
Whole site behind login and disable robots.txt so search engines can’t crawl. 2 quick and simple fixes to make this site much more secure and keep it …
on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
This is a bad boy for chilling to, and the artist not very well known so give it a whirl. K&D Sessions and DJ Kicks albums are legendary! + 2 more
I need a new series to watch
Succession It’s a the best show in years imo