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Next cart
I’ve tried most of these flavours and would …
Distilate Carts - Colour of Oil
Hi MJ, am I right in thinking Distillates are made…
preheat or no?
I’m glad you asked.. I’ve been using t…
Good discreet option?
I HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE in terms of smell: Thi…
Sweet! Never planning to vape MCT oil. Is the high… + 2 more
44 days of waiting...
I'd blame royal mail mate. MJ is a top shelf deale…
Metal slit inside coil?
started topic + 4 more
How long do vape carts last
Mine lasts about 6-8 days with moderate - heavy us…
Valve ?
Airflow will affect the thickness and temperature …
Flavour strain
Hey big browser , A lot of those strains are indic…
When will the 450mg carts be available sir?
started topic + 4 more
First carts hits like nothing else!
Need more flavours soon MJ! Got my eye on the bubb…
Blue Cheese Indica wellness oil review
started topic
when will Indica restock for this?
started topic + 3 more
MJ cart review - black cherry soda
started topic + 2 more
MJC does it again with the Distillate Carts!
The mint chocolate is just divine. Potent medicine…
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