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Any good links for Shrooms / Psilo Oil?
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Stealth Tutorial Please
I don't think advertising stealth methods publicly is wise. For obvious reasons. On another note, I smell pork.
Identification of Mushrooms
Interesting, I had the same-looking little guys growing on my lawn about a week after i fertilised it with (IIRC) Evergreen lawn feed and seed. Maybe … + 2 more
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What decade had the best rap?
90's no doubt
You're not stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic
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Absolute Joke!
I'm in the same boat, hasnt read my message chasing, if he's having a few days off should have paused the vendor channel, no excuse for taking orders …
money taken but no product arrived
Same, said sent on Sunday, looking through the comments this is a car crash for his rep, sad
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
Easiest is glass jam jars, otherwise check out a vacuum tub or similar. Google 'Amazon smellyproof'
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Parcel interceptions
6 orders in and no issue yet (touch wood). I guess it depends on the stealth of the vendor though, we all buy off different people and shipping method…
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Great emergency comedown tip
Bash one off
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I'm a fool
Use Paxful mate. Goes into the wallet instantly and reasonable fees
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Partial payment blues
If it's 0.00001 then it won't cause an issue. Good vendors have a tolerance on discrepancies of payment.
Aliens Brought the Virus to Accelerate our Evolution
Bloody aliens scamming us, I had one message be the other day saying he was a Zirconian Prince and would send me 8 bazillion units if I gave him my ba…