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Bob Ope
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on  Otfuk
Canadian Imports are my Go To now for all concentrates.Top shelf and usually a good variety to choose from X
on  Zipst4r
Who has shatter
Canadian Imports Also MJ concentrates and Great Vape Company all have shatter at the mo x
2x14G of Mimosa giveaway :)
Couple times i place order and already sold out,so luckily CI sent replacement products equally as good as the ones ordered. Stock counter would help…
work weed?
Wake then Bake then Work This approach always works for me (tattooing) X
my Spidey Sense feels that concentrates are carcinogenic
I like to dab as a healthier alternative to smoking (its vaping without the vaporizer) so no burning plant material to inhale X
on  hesh10/10
Hufflepuff on littlebiggy has various different wax,crumbles but to expensive for me and Iv never ordered from them so cant say if their decent vendor…
Help needed for Mighty
ive always found that non of the electronic hand held vaporizers such as pax,mighty ,plenty, etc etc etc tick the box .They all have limited whispy am…
fuck everyone (kidding)
Cosmic!! Beam me up when its Spaceship Time!! X
on  Jcb8085
Seller disappeared
Dont worry hootans an honest vendor,hes out of stock at mo,youll find him via topics or people on littlebiggy,message him and hell sort it ,im 100% su…
Eddie Van Halen
Agreed Cigarettes are Nasty Little Things A Sad Loss X
Agreed Hootan is xellent,provides a fantastic service and is continually improving it x
Love the new tubes
They also make good doob tubes x
Weed ethics
I love cannabis and look on it as a natural herb that people have used positively for thousands of years for many reasons(ceremonial,spiritual,recreat…
Postman Buzz
Reckon my postman thinks im obsessed with him and stalking him,been waiting just over 2 weeks for delivery and the highlight of my day(or the worst di…
on  Omega554
Baccy Vs ciggs
Tobacco causes lung cancer(amongst many other cancers) and many other diseases (its 2020 not 1920,we now know this for fact, tobacco kills humans) Tob…