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BCA competition - my picture of Canadain OG.
by  titntin
Review of JJ's Rolex Dry Sift Hash
by  titntin
Great new vendor, DopeChef. Baked goods and bud!
by  titntin
Free bud! Surely that never happens?
by  titntin
Why is there no hash in the UK? Some answers.. 25/07
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Stoned gamers, show your rig / console
I actually prefer to play on my PS5 than my PC, but both get a lot of use. My PC is pretty recent and bought to create assets (I was a games develope… + 5 more
ripped off
I've known many people smoke a lot longer (I've been smoking weed 38 years), but hadn't noticed that this meant they couldn't troll? Some of the best …
Hi mate - ive been desperate too. Just found out several reasons why we are all in trouble at the moment, and I posted on my home page what I found. I… + 2 more
Potent indica hash
I've had gorilla Glue hash before and it was great. I've ordered 14g from radar breeder and I'll review as soon as it arrives, which I don't expect wi…
on  leanbean
Can you vape hash?
I've vaped hash in several vapes - you usually need a higher heat setting, but depends on the hash. I used to use a little pure cotten pad that I'd re…
Hope you still have some in two weeks when I'm paid :)
I need a new series to watch
Thank you - you just reminded me I need to re-watch spaced again! I was too old for it even back then, but the clever references still tickle me all…