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anyone still waiting?
Fear not, 22nd was just before bank holiday weeken…
on  Katy
Best way to get high without smoking/vaping?
I've been making canna coffee for many years now,…
Looking for a nice Hash!
The zero zero seems to the the one to get. Having …
What is the best video game plot you have experienced?
Like many others, 'last of us' will always stay in…
Roll on payday!!
I'm too spoilt! Just bought 28 of the king hasan,…
on  [music]
Stoner Rock / Psychedelic / Progressive
Cant have psychedelic rock thread and have no Ozri… + 2 more
on  S.cooper
Best indica hash
Can you have thirded? xD Also the Royal ketima go…
on  [music]
The bizarre world of Frank Zappa
I see a Zappa post, I upvote. Not many artists ha…
on  Katy
Second wave?
Yeah, I've been chuffing people under the table fo… + 3 more
I need a new series to watch
Thank you - you just reminded me I need to re-watc…