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BCA competition - my picture of Canadain OG.
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Review of JJ's Rolex Dry Sift Hash
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Great new vendor, DopeChef. Baked goods and bud!
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Free bud! Surely that never happens?
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Why is there no hash in the UK? Some answers.. 25/07
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The bizarre world of Frank Zappa
I see a Zappa post, I upvote. Not many artists ha…
Sellers and Buyers - What do you consider a good response time to messages?
Real life gets in the way sometimes, so I usually …
Why so cheap? Did u guys forget to include transaxe fees into your prices?
This is the correct price for hash. It went up due…
How is the potency compared with the banana kush hash? Cheers
The stone is in and I'd recommend a Buy buy buy! I… + 4 more
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B.C.A - Pineapple Express
Oh will you look at that! Making me dribble... Nic…
21/09/2020 Anyone able to review and post a pic please?
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Hurry hurry, before there's Zero left! Zero Zero Review
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Yeah I'm that guy
Way to go building a rep mate. Vendors stay out o…
Worst customer service on this site hands down
See, you can mange a reasonable post :) + 4 more
2nd October second time this year someone blown me up to post i use office.
Real sorry to hear this dude. Your delivery has al…
Hash v price
JJ Rolex hash - one of the best here. Also Drugs …
New packaging team in this week ; )
I cant tell you how delighted I am to hear this! …
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Time for A Deeper Game, Any Suggestions?
Outer Worlds springs to mind - intelligent writing…
People who know the difference choose Rolex!
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