{make ireland green}
{make ireland green}
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Vendors within the EU
These are all the vendors currently shipping from within the EU. Not much of a selection but here they all are.

Member since: Jan 2020
LB rating: 9.6/10 on 100+ sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> HOOTAN

Member since: Aug 2018
LB rating: 7/10 on 50+ sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> AnAmericanInParis

Member since: Feb 2021
LB rating: 9.8/10 on 18 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> BOB MARLEY 710

Member since: Apr 2020
LB rating: 9.5/10 on 4 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> SWISS

Member since: Jan 2021
LB rating: 10/10 on 2 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> SUISSE MS

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Comment anything at all, or if you can vouch for some vendors.
I'm also shipping within the EU. I'm new here, but am hoping to build myself a good reputation within this great community. I've got some specials on at the moment in an attempt to get myself some reputation.
Check this out, might help you
by  NaySaya
First shipping to Ireland?
Buying bitcoin from Ireland
Delivering to Ireland!!
by  Trayloki
Vape noob who could use some advice
Vendors delivering to Ireland!
best cannabis seller for ireland?
by  since71
The father of cannabis therapeutics is Irish
bigg now