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Roll on payday!!
let me know what the Hassan is like? I've got 28 of this on the way, and I literally can't wait! been ages since I've had a decent bit of Maroc.
Someone else is waiting for EU orders marked as sent on 08.11?
I'm in the South east Mediterranean, and had fluctuating delivery times, varying from 35+ days, down to most recently 5-8 days. RB is a bit slow at re…
ordered red leb, now not here and no reply to messages
Same situation, ordered the Leb and it's removed from sale list. He replied pretty soon with an explanation though, so should be ok.
Believe the sales blurb!
Great review! Been ages since I've had a decent Maroc so glad the reviews are living up to the hype Have 28g on the way, yet deliveries take upto a mo…
Orders on 28/5
Mate, same situation. I've ordered off 3 different vendors, RB being one of them. Been waiting around a month, but these guys are busy at the best of …