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what are the effects of masks on a society?
Less COVID transmission
They are dehumanising, antisocial and have become a comfort blanket for the insecure and the effects on society will be long lasting.
Super Hans
Makes life as a vendor x100 easier!
I’ll throw my hat in and say the primary effect has been mass mental illness:

“I just stare at that little box with my face in it and pick apart my appearance,” she said, noting that her distress is affecting her job performance. “My double chin seems six times larger, my eye bags are too deep of a purple, etc … Even when there’s a heatwave and my apartment is close to 90 degrees, I’ll wear a turtleneck that I can pull up. I pack on thick makeup that makes my skin peel.”

Going out in public with a black surgical mask that covers her chin and sunglasses that cover her eye bags provides Miller with an escape from that sense of scrutiny.

“I 10,000% plan on wearing it for the foreseeable future,” she said. “After a full work day of worrying and not being able to focus on my actual job, it just feels nice to blend in. Simply put, I’m sick of being perceived.”

Personally it’s not for me... I just wear the magic exempt badge ;)
Todd's Sure Thangs
it worked for the venetians
Arab women the world over are sucking their teeth.
Job opportunities for the highly educated scientists from the upper unemployed
Less concern of pathogenic transmissions, of viruses brought back from breaking the earths gravity and a go ahead punching portals in the stratosphere. Also a great opportunity for big global heath services.
Eye smiling
"A new study on face masks highlights their inefficacy, lack of safety and ability to cause physiological, psychological and long-term health problems, which may culminate in immune suppression, worsened chronic disease, accelerated aging and premature death"
The remarkable results of microdosing
by  vbitter
Intelligence explained with math – MIT physicist (video)
Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images
Strange answers to the psychopath test
by  Tenpester
the math that is running the universe?
by  420ian
what is the golden ratio?
We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time (new scientist)