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doc holiday
does evolution hate rich people?
rich people reproduce less, so consistently that the richest countries have the slowest population growth. poor people have children much younger and more frequently, their countries are the most successful at reproduction.

the economic reasons are pretty well explored but that doesnt explain the evolutionary science. it seems to represent a conflict between human society and genetic reproduction.
Those with real wealth have large families.

The struggling middle classes awash with debt and both parents working full time jobs to give them that slightly nicer existence than those on benefits are the ones struggling to reproduce.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the squeezed middle class evaporate.
Strange answers to the psychopath test
by  420ian
what is the golden ratio?
by  vbitter
Intelligence explained with math – MIT physicist (video)
Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images
Conspiracies today are like spirits in ancient times – conspiracy researcher
by  Tenpester
software is eating robots
by  wells
A Time Crystal Finally Made Real
by  ike
If you can hear your heartbeat you should play the market
what are the effects of masks on a society?
by  1620
The big bang is a continuation of a past universe
We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time (new scientist)
by  Katy
Pfizer’s own documents state adverse reactions can occur to non vaccinated people through touch and inhalation of air fr…
The remarkable results of microdosing
by  Tenpester
the math that is running the universe?