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what are the effects of masks on a society?
Super Hans
Makes life as a vendor x100 easier!
Less COVID transmission
More than 70% of communication is non verbal. Our brains translate thousands of pieces of visual facial info in a second. Block this and our minds display stress signals that can deeply disturb us over time...
im opposite, im autistic, the visual facial cues have to be processed and that takes time, wearing a mask means i can relax and not worry about having a huge grin(really a nervous grimace) when someone tells me their mum has died.
That’s an interesting perspective. I’m guessing masks are here to stay, I just want them to be voluntary...
Arab women the world over are sucking their teeth.
They have been wearing masks in heavy populated countries (China/Japan/Thailand) since MARS Virus a few years ago. And in the bigger picture they got a handle on it rather well. Same with Covid they didn't take a bigger hit as we have. I can't see how wearing masks isn't a wise choice in close proximity to other people
British Bulldog
I think it's all about the effectiveness of the masks.

Proper NHS PPE worn by nurses and doctors yes, but a cotton mask pulled out of a pocket every now and again, after touching numerous things in the meantime, then readjusting it with hands every 30 seconds is probably about as much use as an inflatable dart board.

Just my 2p

Cheers BB
With the science to back you up now;)
Todd's Sure Thangs
it worked for the venetians
As much as I hate the things... I like being incognitio, or at least thinking I am.

They have been nothing more than a nuisance to most people but you have to weigh up the pros and cons of wearing one, right now the pros are outweighing the cons.

Just our two cents.

One Love
They are dehumanising, antisocial and have become a comfort blanket for the insecure and the effects on society will be long lasting.
Lots of steamed up glasses
I duno but at least everyone has stopped moaning about hoodies and burkas
Less concern of pathogenic transmissions, of viruses brought back from breaking the earths gravity and a go ahead punching portals in the stratosphere. Also a great opportunity for big global heath services.
more anonymity in places that love to use surveillance to gather information on their populations
word up
Job opportunities for the highly educated scientists from the upper unemployed
"A new study on face masks highlights their inefficacy, lack of safety and ability to cause physiological, psychological and long-term health problems, which may culminate in immune suppression, worsened chronic disease, accelerated aging and premature death"
The main reason for wearing masks is to stop the spread of transmission. They primarily stop infected people spreading the virus and their preventative use is limited at best. I think it's missing the point saying you can wear a mask but still catch a virus. That's not the main purpose even if it does have some positive effect in reducing your chances of catching a virus.
we now interrupt this conspiracy thread for an actual fact. thanks bigga
Draconian blue
Fewer ugly people to look at?
I’ll throw my hat in and say the primary effect has been mass mental illness:

“I just stare at that little box with my face in it and pick apart my appearance,” she said, noting that her distress is affecting her job performance. “My double chin seems six times larger, my eye bags are too deep of a purple, etc … Even when there’s a heatwave and my apartment is close to 90 degrees, I’ll wear a turtleneck that I can pull up. I pack on thick makeup that makes my skin peel.”

Going out in public with a black surgical mask that covers her chin and sunglasses that cover her eye bags provides Miller with an escape from that sense of scrutiny.

“I 10,000% plan on wearing it for the foreseeable future,” she said. “After a full work day of worrying and not being able to focus on my actual job, it just feels nice to blend in. Simply put, I’m sick of being perceived.”

Personally it’s not for me... I just wear the magic exempt badge ;)
by  420ian
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by  zeppomarx
zoom in of the brain or zoom out of the universe?
does evolution hate rich people?
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by  googler1
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