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What coin exchange do people use??
The coin exchange I have been using isn’t working anymore and also fee’s we’re going up looking for a new coin exchange hopefully one with on the small side fees
I use Coinbase. Seems reasonable compared to anything I used before.
have you had probs buying btc with coinbase debit cards. they apparently stopped it, but for some reason i can still buy btc!
Keep it simple. Use coinbase.
A lot of our customers use Binance, acts as an exchange as well as a wallet mate.
Binance, Cryptopay, Edge, Trust Wallet.
Local Bitcoins. ID is required but purchase price is normally 2-4% of current market value and sending fees are about £1.50. Total price for £100 bitcoin including sending to a vendor is around £105 for me, maybe a little over. Always shocked to see posts like "£55 for a Q cost me £14 in fees!!!". Like, how fuckin' much???
Haven't found a lower price yet with everything considered (best price plus associated fees).
Oh and it's peer-to-peer so the banks can't stop it like they can other exchanges like Binance as you're just transferring money into someone else's bank account. Transactions are Escrow protected btw.
I use coinbase also
I use Edge, low fees and very quick.
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Any good shake out there right now?
New to vaping looking for info
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