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Royal Mail Late Delivery
by  tgm420
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Can't Rate/Review Multiple Items from same vendor when buying through the new Cart System
also had this recently since the update its annoying
youre taking the absolute piss.
ordering for over a year now and never once had an issue, you all must be doing something wrong lol
I slept on this for way too long!
one of my favs to order :D
Just got it!
been buying from rb nearly a year now and never had problems always good quality bud n hash as well :D
first time cooking with butter
started topic
Top Grade Mac 1
been here since march buying from RB never had an issue maybe just an isolated inccident i'm sure it will get sorted out
xmas break
Thank you for a great year much love x
One of the best hash on here !
looks fantastic :D
on  Harveyd
What’s everyone smoking ?
super silver haze from RB, also waiting on some new orange tree from JJ, had some lovely orange sorbet from jj a couple weeks ago, tempted to try that… + 2 more
Dealing With A Drought
i'm fairly rural so supply isn't the best in normal times, but now its almost non existant, luckily put onto this site by a mate the other week, waiti…