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Anonymous message!
Just a very quick heads up to all Biggaz - Ive had a very random private message from an 'anonymous' source trying to draw me off of LB to make purchases. Cant currently screenshot it to post an image, but I thought it worth warning people!
I would hazard a guess that I'm not the only recipient of the message.
Will try and add screenshot later if it helps.
cleanup borg
that means they've already been flushed love, but thank you

Thank you. : )
This is what they sent me… clearly Babylon working too hard.

Yo bro, sorry to bother you maybe you won't be of any help

I'm looking for a safe place (a drop ) where I could receive some stuff in the U.K.

I'm personally located abroad but I have access to some good hash and weed in the U.K ( domestic )

I'm ready to work something out for some cool profit.

If you know anyone interested, let me know mate ! cheers !
i had the same message. claimed to be a canadian looking for hash! wanted to source in the uk, then for someone to ship to him in canadia.

smelt a rat straight away.

what a fool.
I got the same message and From a guy called solomon. How silly. Told him to suck my d 👨🏻‍🚀
There seems to be a glut of this going on at the moment

I'm slightly offended I haven't had a message yet!

But anonymous means they have been caught and removed

If it's a user account let cleanup Borg known👍
i think theyve been terminated now...

what a mug that guy was...

Actually scams like that are designed to look suspicious and raise concerns in most people.

They are looking for the ones where it doesn't raise alarm bells as they are more likely to commit to the whole endeavour

It's like the Nigerian scams to 99% of people they look ludicrous

They are looking for the 1% who goes "ohhhh uncle X from Nigeria needs to send me $5 trillion us dollars from a failed.coup for safe keeping, best hand over my bank details"
if it were the flith, then i should imagine thats entrapment.
this is what i got, user name come up as anonymous. not guess he got booted (doesnt like isolator hash, just morrocan, what a nob) -

If you ever short on cash or need some good money, I usually offer whatever the price of the hash is worth as tip for any service like this

I actually had a buddy in the U.K but he moved here last year......

And for ice-o-lator or bubble hash: i've never been a huge fan mate :P I'm completely after the old traditional Morrocan " terroir "
I got one of these as well but asking for a refund address and order number... what for i have no idea lol
Thanks for the heads up!

We have not received this one yet but did get the new token message from an anonymous account since the weekend.

We have been hit up, though, by a very large amount of anonymous orders over the last few days. One of the anonymous buyer's tried to buy 2 of the same strains and quantities even though it works out at $10 more. We can only surmise that they were looking at a double review on that strain. We clearly state in our manifesto that we do not accept anonymous orders, but they keep on coming.
I’m not sure I follow your manifesto thinking Greentech and I did wonder when you made your recent post about it soooo….

If a buyer isn’t logged in they can’t post a review, the buy isn’t linked to an account. When you are logged in your review is anonymous.

I don’t understand the logic.

Is that how it works then PieBoy ?

Thanks for that really appreciate it we just presumed that as the reviews are posted without usernames then an anonymous order can post a review.
It’s my understanding Greentech, having accidentally ordered whilst logged out I never found a way to review, but I’m not comprehensive in my lb knowledge. Hopefully l someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
Yes, this learning curve that we are going through reminds me of a documentary I watched about the real knowledge that black cab drivers have to undergo their tests and they don't really know when they will be put up to pass their exam to gain their cab licence in the sense that they never really know till they are told that they have passed the knowledge 😂 LB is very similar it would be great if there was a usermanual lol
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