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We can't all be perfect, we're not cheese.
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Anyone suffering from weed induced derealization/depersonalisation?
Sorry, man. Mine started after a neck injury while also sober. Any other symptoms? VICE recently released an episode on YT with someone suffering DP/D…
can the USA be fixed?
Traveling Mars is also not a point and shoot mission. You have to coordinate launches with the alignment of the planets' orbits to travel the shortest… + 3 more
Coinbase lockout happening. Any other way to purchase fast..?
I use Cash App
Cheapest test of weed buying on little biggy?
I have such a hard time locating other us sellers. Any more to share?
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BTC Fees Crazy High? is ~2% ...uses SegWit-Bech32...once to buy and once to send. Transaction was super fast, <1min to confirm at escrow.
Brand or Lab Test Data?
started topic + 2 more
Can’t buy Bitcoin!
Have any Crypto ATMs in your city?