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soppy left or dimwit right
bitcoin quick thoughts
how you guys preparing to stay high around the holidays? buying ahead or worry later?
Stocking up and toppin up, same as always ;)

Just so all the biggas know LUD's is back with regular drops, British Bulldog is back around New Year and RB has been killing it with the monster buds - 3 great options for replenishing the stash without breaking the bank.

I'll also be using Smoggyman and ULC to top me up with fire and flavours as they're both amazing sellers :)

Wont be trying any new sellers over the period though as this isn't the time for taking punts! sorry to any new sellers who pop up!
Strong policy
Already bought ahead of Christmas it really is a must if you don’t wanna risk running out
Tried to get ahead of the curve and get stocked up, but blazed most of it already! Have put orders in with a few vendors, some of which are new to me, but sadly comms havent been great. Got tracking numbers that dont work and messages that are still 'unread' asking for confirmation the order have been dispatched... Starting to get a bad feeling... :( I am also wondering if all these 10/10 reviews are legit? No weed can be 10/10 unless it is actually 100% perfect and none of it has been imho. Peeps claim buds burn to white ash, but they dont, and some of this has come from long term vendors on LB. Beginning to doubt the autheticity of some of these reviews and wonder if I have just been done. FFS - its just before pissmas and I am nearly broke hoping these orders arrive.....
haha very true. stocking up requires quite a bit of control to not smoke it all.

what postage method did you use? RM are failing to even deliver SD on time at the moment. almost certainly just sat on a huge pile of undelivered mail.

Reviews are indicators of service more than product in my opinion. Best to check for actual reviews below the product when biggas take the time.

Fingers crossed your orders arrive soon for you. Edit: I see from your post you ordered some bud from THB. They delivered for me recently so hopefully not long.
yeah, i got carried away and burned thru most of it, what a twat! found a nice bit of cheese, which i was really impressed with, but sadly the vendor has now run out, that said they are hoping to have more up on LB in the next wk or so...

Take your point about the reviews. I supose the thing that gets me down is that a lot of the weed on LB gets excellent reviews, but when i buy it, it burns to a black ash and is quite coughy (if thats even a word!). just my luck! :-) I suppose one thing I am wondering is - how brutally honest should you be when reviewing a purchase? dont wanna fuck anyone off, but i'm not one for biting my lip all that much...

All I am after is nice clean weed that gets you high! not fussed about it being super fucking duper strong - clean, tasty weed is all i need.

Placed orders with a couple of new vendors, most of em have been great and my expeience of LB over the last few months has generally been very good, with nothing going missing.

I am optiistic that everything will arrive, just the lack of comms and tracking number that dont work is a but frustrating, but, i am patient and hpe that it will be all good in the end.

get your orders in
vaped bud
First month smoking weed
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{buy help}
Don't Accept 50% Refunds
I haven't had to use Escrow yet after many orders but I've always used special delivery post to avoid as many issues and conflicts as possible.
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