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How much do you pay?
Similar story here, 70-80 a Q of half decent stuff…
anyone still waiting?
Thanks for taking the time out to reply you must h…
Newly llisted view?
I don’t think so, I’m on mobile though…
Still waiting
RB came through for me you’ll be fine mate, …
Negative Feedbacks and Disputes
Morning. Sent a couple of messages would you be ab… + 2 more
Vendor's Union nominated for termination
Still pretty new here so it’s not really my …
Zombie sticks to Ireland
Drugs Inc had zombie sticks recently
Is this made with RSO??
RSO (or FECO) not CBD, rso is high THC content and… + 2 more
on  Markiesun
Drug inc
Nothing today so it will be Monday now I expect + 2 more
Mr Spocks 100th buy (Black lime reserve)review!!!
You can add a thread to your own page or anyone el…
on  hoqwer
Help with Order
I would message the vendor, could be something sim…
on  Red8025
Often heard never to smoke it and was unsure why, …
JJ’s communication!
Had the same, the communication really put me at e…
Critical hash stock
Ordered some on Saturday, postman was not my frien…