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We're right here should you need assistance or support.

We always try and give you the best buds, and keep our quality high in regards to trimming and curing.

Please contact us before leaving a bad review.

Please ask if you have custom requirements.

God bless
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Holy maceroni! Quite a notorious strain and what a beautiful bit of flower this is, it looks look absaloutely stunning and also burns as white ash.
7 Grams $105.00 BTC0.00348075
14 Grams $195.00 BTC0.00646425
28 Grams $370.00 BTC0.0122655
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Disposable and rechargeable vapes, just toke and go. With D9 Distillate, I have had somuch really fantastic personal feedback for these so far.

Please request a flavour with your order, if there is none left of your flavour you will be designated another but I will try and keep them in-stock.
1 Ml $60.00 BTC0.001989
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More info to come..
7 Grams $100.00 BTC0.003315
14 Grams $190.00 BTC0.0062985
28 Grams (track24) $370.00 BTC0.0122655
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New batch, very crystally and lovely bud formation, the smell aswell is very sweet a bit of a hidden gem this one in my opinion..

A Sativa Dominant strain which has quite a powerful hit on the inhale, and then it releases all types of funky flavour from its novel parentage. This flower will lift you up to that high feeling, that many sativa lovers will enjoy. Also the smell is lovely on this one!
7 Grams $69.99 BTC0.00232017
14 Grams $129.99 BTC0.00430917
28 Grams $239.99 BTC0.00795567
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More info to come..
7 Grams $69.99 BTC0.00232017
14 Grams $134.99 BTC0.00447492
28 Grams (track24) $229.99 BTC0.00762417
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Some cookies and cream here, the cream notes definitely come through. Has a nice taste and relaxed stone to it.

The price is low in part because there is some seeds in this batch, you may get some seeds you may get none. I will try and pick them out as I go through it.

Nice for the price
7 Grams $45.99 BTC0.00152457
14 Grams $89.99 BTC0.00298317
28 Grams (track24) $164.99 BTC0.00546942
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This batch has all beautiful boulders with one of the sweetest undertones I've ever smelt! Please see picture for more relevant info!
1 Gram $20.00 BTC0.000663
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The lightness and pleasurable smoke of Gelato with some added cherryness to it.
3.5 Grams $50.00 BTC0.0016575
7 Grams $85.00 BTC0.00281775
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3.5 of each of the following three strains OR pick any separate two 7 grams of all of my UK strains!

- MAC1
- Sour grapes
- Yahbary

Labelled and all beautiful flower
10.5 Grams $119.99 BTC0.00397767
14 Grams 2 X 7 grams $157.99 BTC0.00523737
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Rick Simpson oil, current batch without packaging.

- Triangle mints strain
- from nug run
- Organic, solvent free and no chemicals.
1 Ml $38.00 BTC0.0012597
3 Ml $98.00 BTC0.0032487
6 Ml $170.00 BTC0.0056355
12 Ml $320.00 BTC0.010608
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10/10 Guava-Dog
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8/10 Purple candy
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9/10 Godzilla Glue
reviewed 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
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