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Just got it!
Athlone strikes again I’ve seen loads of seizures from there is that the main Mail center in the republic ? + 2 more
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Ultimate Security on LB?
I don’t think anyone’s living in the closet people value their freedom regardless what they personally believe cannabis is currently an illegal drug a…
{lb help}
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Leaving photos on reviews
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(1)Wrong Tracking number, (2) 3,Months late Update (3) Order not received
That’s terrible they should have at least got back to you and tried to help you out I would definitely message escrow and maybe there’s something they… + 4 more
{lb help}
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Sent BTC to vendor but not showing on order
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Much better! Makes me want to try it now:)
Thanks emporium I appreciate the quick response have you had any takers on the sample pack yet as having reviews really helps catapult you to the top … + 2 more
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Anyone able to dumb down the whole bitcoin thing??
I use coin corner in uk easy to use and put money in and send with BTC only down side is fees when paying in and when sending but I’m sure you get tha… + 3 more
Exodus cheese & G13
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$ or BTC
Maybe that’s why you have been having issues in the past if like you said you send them 125$ but now the BTC is short they may not send the order till… + 2 more
Postal Delivery
I’ll also been unlucky and lost out but I never received a tracking number to find out where my pack was so if you do tracked maybe send the customer … + 3 more
Royal Mail suspended EU and international shipping
Well I’m optimistic as I’ve placed 2 orders today from 2 different vendors fingers crossed there still sending + 2 more
Royal Mail
I placed an order on the 10th of November sent out November 11th were now December 22 over 40 days waiting
you give me back the money bastard thieves
What’s the problem my guy everyone has difficulties time to time no need to shit on a vendor just wait for your order to arrive
Thanks Tin tin for the reassurance I’ll let everyone knows if and when it drops + 6 more