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1000mg for $40 must be a scam
There are secret sessions in Cali and most of this… + 3 more
on  leanbean
Can you vape hash?
I like combining wit flower in the vape, depends w…
Cookies/jungle boys/Paris packs
Also, jungle boys and cookies are excellent, but i… + 2 more
on  Katy
Vendors happy to guarantee Properly flushed product?
I think that’s a great call, extracts can be…
Blockchain girl!
Lol nice + 7 more
I have been scammed TGT
Did you try to message the trans whatever people?
Cetain vendors selling standard weed
Hey which one was it?
Demand for shake?
Please, I came on the site today literally looking…
Keep an eye on Minneapolis!
I’m white dudeand I’ve been personally…
on  hoqwer
Is shake worth it?
It’s great but watch for hair in it, I mean.…
Anyone else recently started a grow I want pics of set ups etc and just any general advice for someone starting out! Che…
Don’t have pictures but if you have any ques…
Everything is in order still mate