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Here is your real life online Budtender!!! What’s a budtender?? Glad you asked! —>
I have spent so much time during lockdown on this site its ridiculous and borderline obsessive, hey its my nature to study everything which ill explain more in a sec. So, my lady thought of this Venn diagram of my interests combining my career as a medical cannabis Budtender and grower in Los Angeles, California.

So in Cali, there are dispensaries, stores you go into to buy Cannabis. Inside the store, there are people called BUDTENDERS, like bartenders, who help patients and customers select from a number of products -where i was, there was at any given time, 30-40 types of flower amongst at least that many edibles and concentrates.. I helped people pick the best for them and thats what i want to do here, but instead of per hour, its per tip so im gonna tweak the price if/when my rep and reviews speak louder than my description.
Heres the thing - ive lost money and bought on here from places that look really good warrants in places that surprise me and after communicating with almost everybody on here it’s interesting because there’s another dynamic that wasn’t in LA and that is everything is based off of what other people are saying which sometimes isn’t enough enough I learned the hard way so I can help you maybe save some money and help your health.
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