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What can be done about toads like londonfrog?
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{lb help}
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How refunds work
150 is very cheap if it's good (too good to be true even) but very expensive if it doesn't work and not worth smoking. TBH you're better off paying a …
{lb help}
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How does cancelling an order work
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TGT Response
I've got an Oz missing from another site for about the same period. Recorded delivery and they can see it's not been delivered but waiting the 14 work… + 2 more
ripped off
I paid extra for SD UK delivery Monday morning. Still says "Paid" and not sent and it's Thursday afternoon. The 3 messages I've sent have al…
10 days, 3 msgs, no order, no reply.
It's not even marked "sent". Just "paid" and was meant to be SD delivery. + 2 more
Scam? Spice?
Total scam by an incompetent liar. Apparently orders haven’t been sent out due to a funeral. Oldest bullshit in the book and a funeral lasts a morning… + 3 more