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Thc hot choc with marshmallow.
by  Rain21
by  Rain21
by  Rain21
THC infused cereal from MJC
by  Rain21
MJC cookies
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Notice of withdrawal from public discourse.
Hi there mrcaa, there's a bit of upset going on over this isn't there? It seems that you believe that all cali bags/labels are fake, but TGD clearly d…
on  db365
Anyone else having trouble when rating buys?
Hi I had a problem as the system wouldn't accept when I pressed save! There were two problems, weirdly it wouldn't allow me to list 6 days for deliver…
Sellers and Buyers - What do you consider a good response time to messages?
I think I would probably message again after two days although some vendors are just better at dealing with that side of things than others, I've have…
NYC Live Resin
Got to agree with you, the diesel is excellent I even love the smell of it! The hot chocolate is a big favourite of mine as well :)
What's your weapon of choice
I personally prefer to smoke weed, hash and concentrates but I have really gotten into edibles since I joined lb. I do dry vape and use carts also tri…
This is great!
Same here, I was like I'm sure I didn't order a phone case? Really made me smile. Also the Herer is the best hash I've had in a while. Also ordered th…
Distillate back in stock
That's a shame, I ordered it to stave off withdrawal problems over Christmas, luckily I tried it out first as it had a way stronger effect than I exp… + 2 more
everyone is so angry
I agree, I think the fear is driving the anger and the fear for many is very real ( like losing their jobs and homes) plus we're being led by a govern…
Last orders for Christmas!
I got three orders last week and they were all delayed, one by a week! + 2 more
Top Vendor of 2020
I love lb, joined in May and have just had my 50th order. I spend many happy hours scrolling items and vendors and my conclusion is So much choice and…