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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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BTC Fees Crazy High?
This happened me with Blockchain. I made sure I ha…
on  Red8025
My order with BCA has now landed after 11 calendar…
Slightly torn parcel
started topic + 3 more
on  Younga
16 days, no gear and no response
I’m based in NI so although not on mainland … + 3 more
Oz of haze
Depends what you call an extortionate price lol bu…
Northern Ireland anyone?
Just joined recently and good to see a few more NI…
{lb help}
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Parcel gone back to Royal Mail
I got left a delivery note for collection with my …
I was gonna do my fantasy football team, but then I got high...
Play some FPL myself, managed to squeeze my way in…
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Smoking and working out
I smoke before every workout. Really beneficial ap…
Anybody had a recent batch?
Just received mine today (24/7) Decent stuff for t…
Legit vendor
Can second this. I had an issue where they only se…
Also doing a little selection with this items.
Was thinking of getting a rolling tray recently, t…
JJ’s communication!
I’ve genuinely never seen customer service l…
Northern Ireland?
Think most vendors on here ship to NI without any …
bigg now