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Ultimate Security on LB?
Using the Tor browser alongside Tails OS for ultimate security. Also ensuring all photos uploaded are scrubbed of metadata. For added security you cou…
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Books fantasy
If you haven't done so already you should check out Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy. By far one of my favourite Trilogies of all time. There are a…
Wanted: Sticker Design for LB Referrals 40USD
I have watermarked it. I will remove the watermark, put your referral link and send you HQ version, including vectors, if you are intersted. + 5 more
{lb help}
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Seller Fees
Hey mate, is your bitcoin being transferred directly from LB to your Coinbase online wallet?? If that's the case then you need to stop doing that imme…
Ordered and paid without logging into LB
Nice! Enjoy + 2 more
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Strangest/Scariest Incident When you were high?
A couple of years ago I decided to visit my home country and see my family and old friends. This country also happens to be an extremely corrupt dicta…
Strange that alcohol is allowed on LB considering it’s a carcinogen (cancer causing) , addictive and Socially harmful.…
I dont see what your issue is mate. The Alcohol being sold above is THC infused so it falls in line with what is typically sold on LB. Following your …
{lb help}
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vendor pages slow loading
I feel as if this site is optimised for the Tor browser, as things load a lot faster when I use it. If you dont want to use Tor then I suggest using F…
OPSEC - Operation Security 101
The thing with tumbling is that even tumbled transactions can be “untumbled” if you have the time, the patience, the data and the processing power. in… + 2 more
Changing bitcoin into cash
Just remember to tumble your bitcoin or convert it to monero and back again before transferring it to Their anti money laundering task for…
Empty package arrival wtf.
Same thing happened to me some time back. However, I ordered off a dodgy vendor who probably implemented poor stealth. I now only order tracked NDD no…
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Does speed of smoking affect the high?
I'd imagine it's because when you are smoking quickly you aren't inhaling the smoke as deeply or holding it in your lungs as long, consequently, your …