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Irish love letters.
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Attention Irish Stoners
Fyi these are the only 2 non uk vendors I have personal preference as both vendors have satisfied on stealth product and comms + 2 more
Delayed post ROI
All good AFOS. I didn't think you were slandering just remembered the first time I ordered off Hans he was a new vendor and there was other newer vend… + 2 more
on  BazzerAK
Irish issues??
More seizures atm bazzer as there are 2dogs both named Bailey at mail centres in Athlone and Dublin. Look at the website to see articles on…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Agree 100percent with you Super Hans. Was going to order some of that lovely looking Italian Soda but can't justify the 40-50euro bitcoin transaction …
Record Fees?!
Fees around the 7-8euro mark. Sunday 25th April at 8pm if this helps anyone + 4 more
Hash/Hookah newbie- advice please!
Depends on the type of hash you are after. Hashishin is very good for more natural flavoured land race hash types. Personally I enjoy it but it is a l…
Post brexit ROI packages?
Will never be guarantees as long as there is sniffer dogs and/or xray machines at customs. Can be stealth/day of week it arrives/if they do flag name … + 3 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Ordering BIG quantities to Ireland? Like an Ounce?
As mental floss said the dogs are very active lately. Have received love letters for 14g last year but don't know what policy is for large than that. …
Bitpanda screwed thread
Think they do. Min amount you can send someone seems to be 0.0015 btc
New Potent Hash Types!
They look tasty! How would you compare these to some of your previous hash types eg similarities in texture taste or smell?they look more powerful tha…
Super Hans is no scammer
Fair play to ya for apologising. If Hans is OK with apology should be water under the bridge. Take care
Has anyone ordered to Ireland from hans??
Also a bit of a common misconception with a few vendors and customers(sorry Hans). There are dogs at major postal centers eg athlone and Dublin. All l… + 3 more
Why are people defending Hans when he’s clearly in the wrong
Does he not realise he is burning his bridges with every other vendor over sweet f a in the bigger scheme of things?