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Incorrect Bitcoin address
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Irish love letters.
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Irish customs Sept oct 2021
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Hash/Hookah newbie- advice please!
Depends on the type of hash you are after. Hashishin is very good for more natural flavoured land race hash types. Personally I enjoy it but it is a l…
Good to see a ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช Vendor
Best of luck Hoopingmad, but it is worrying to see a vendor offline the very first day after posting items(especially on a weekday)
Pain relief advice needed please
Sorry to hear of your folks suffering. I assume you would smoke yourself as your on lb-your own tolerance or tester would be a good start for strength…
on  Paulio555
ROI recommendations please
Have been fortunate with orders lady is Irish based-message to see when shop is open as they only open for a few mins on one day a week I …
1.2g Pure Cannabis Pre Rolls
The 5 pack looks an interesting offer. Just making sure that if you are posting from the Isle of Man that it is only the Royal Mail postal service you…
Hashishin's Lebanese Caramel Hash - photo review written by Ploop
Very well written Ploop. Big fan of this vendor myself.
I came, I ordered, I got baked!
Good to hear Nina. What strain did you get as a matter of interest?
Stealth and Shipping
It probably will go down like a lead balloon discussing stealth being used on here. I have seen worse though(pics of product beside the bag/stealth pa…
This guy is a selective scammer
I have received every tracking number I ever requested.sounds very unlucky on your part.that seems to be 2 vendors that have scammed you in the 2 mont…