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Incorrect Bitcoin address
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Irish love letters.
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Irish customs Sept oct 2021
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I came, I ordered, I got baked!
Good to hear Nina. What strain did you get as a matter of interest?
Good to see a 🇮🇪 Vendor
Best of luck Hoopingmad, but it is worrying to see a vendor offline the very first day after posting items(especially on a weekday)
Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
Had first love letter this week(none since 2020).was intercepted on a Sunday!this was from spain-havent ordered from uk since super hans took a break.…
Help please... Bitpanda minimum transaction amount is a lie!
I got that once or twice myself in last few months.Basically tried override it by logging out and logging back in and it eventually worked(sometimes h…
Ireland success rate?
Hi Furball. I ordered late September-received tracking number which shows that a customs charge applies but have not yet received the letter from reve… + 2 more
Ireland postal DELAYSSS
Thanks Furball. Still waiting on customs charge letter. Haven't seen too many reviews with orders landing to Ireland which is unsettling + 2 more
Amsterdam Hotel Recommendations Please Anyone!
Nice to see you looking out for your sister. Suppose some background info would help a bit more-is it a solo trip for her;is it just for smoking or s…
on  digitHall
New VAT e-commerce rules
Sorry to hear.i know that most vendors would fill in the form to say what it is and the amount but the rules seem to have changed for lower amounts. E… + 2 more
Legacy format
I don't think one is able to receive btc via bitpanda. I had a refund last year and I think I managed to open a BRD/Coinbase wallet and had the refund…
Pain relief advice needed please
Sorry to hear of your folks suffering. I assume you would smoke yourself as your on lb-your own tolerance or tester would be a good start for strength…
on  Paulio555
ROI recommendations please
Have been fortunate with orders lady is Irish based-message to see when shop is open as they only open for a few mins on one day a week I …