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Mixed fruit flavour sweets infused with Oilman’s Hifi4G RSO. For those who have purchased from him on here, you'll know his oil is of excellent quality.

My experience with these sweets was a feeling of euphoria rather than sedated or sleepy. I take edibles frequently and found 2 sweets did me nicely for a few hours, very nicely indeed.

1 sweet = work friendly, enhanced brain function.
2 sweets = horizontal position, snacks needed.
3 sweets = bedtime.

For the hard candy pieces, I used 4000mg of RSO to produce 80 hard candy sweets, each one contains roughly 40mg of THC.

For the toffee pieces, I used 1000mg of RSO to produce 50 pieces, each one containing 15mg of THC (these should get the beginner off to a safe start).

Each Bag Contains 7 Mixed Flavour Sweets:
1 x Strawberry lemonade toffee (15mg).
6 x Lime watermelon / Tropical punch hard candy (40mg each).

255mg per bag!

UK Only, free postage included with the price.
If your package doesn't arrive please contact me, I'm here to help. Proof of postage always retained.
$15.00 BTC0.0012 (255mg per bag) 1 Bag of 7 sweets
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10/10 Orange Flavour RSO Chews
rated 21 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
7/10 Orange Flavour RSO Chews
rated 22 days ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 Orange Flavour RSO Chews
rated 27 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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