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How to Request a Refund
If you don't mind me asking...Who is the vendor..?…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Searching for specific items.
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Money sent, but no sign of order!?
Can I second your request...?? I've had exactly th…
New vendor for RSO
Hi there...I usually smoke hash, but I'm looking t…
Complete n00b here
Hi mate, I'm a complete noob myself & just mad…
Rb out of shake or is the link down?
Cheers mate.....Funny thing is, it actually arrive… + 2 more
Is this hash or really compressed bud?
Hi...I dunno how long ago your comment was, but...…
TGT appreciation thread.
I'm fairly new on here & would have no hesitat… + 2 more
Blockchain girl!
LB moves in mysterious ways... :-) + 7 more
Order not showing as paid
Hiya...Same problem here... What's this 'blockchai…
Syrup shots
Your own analogy just proved my point, but, more i… + 4 more
No more chapo?
Cheers mate...Just about to order the same. :-) + 2 more