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Good documentaries recommendations?
What a fantastic recommendation. Cheers for that. Some of the stuff on there is fascinating.... especially after a nice vape. :-)==~
Live resin....
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Suitable kit for this...??
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New vendor for RSO
How do you use this then...??? How do you measure the dosage...??? You've linked a youtube clip, but it's 'Private'. I'm really tempted by this, b… + 2 more
SunGrown Organic SuperShakeMix is now available, Free UK delivery and starting at $20 for 3.5g.
PLEASE try & do something similar to this in future. Came back to get some more, but you're sold out. Wish I'd have got more now... :-( + 2 more
Complete n00b here
Hi mate, I'm a complete noob myself & just made my first purchase today. I used Paxful to get the Bitcoins & a wallet...I felt exactly like y…
Seems too good to be true
I've just ordered a bottle. I've a friend who knows his CBD stuff & he's gonna have a look at it when it arrives. If it is legit, I'll be posti…
GS Cookie batter.
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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Searching for specific items.
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Rb out of shake or is the link down?
HI...I don't know how many days ago this comment was made (the date doesn't show), but I placed an order with you 72 hrs ago & it's still not even… + 2 more
Is this hash or really compressed bud?
Hi...I dunno how long ago your comment was, but.... I bought a Yucan Evolve Plus hash vape on ebay. Only a touch over £20...It's a vape for hash etc..…
TGT appreciation thread.
This is the best comment that I've seen on LB. Fair play to ya mate. :-) + 2 more
Blockchain girl!
Funnily enough, I was following your instructions, when the mail came & dropped off a nice little parcel for me. So I haven't got a clue what happ… + 7 more