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Looking for test growers
Yes lads. Would be interested. Got a limited setup…
Best strain for inspiration
Hello mate I’d go for a Sativa like Silver H…
on  [music]
playlist: A Tribe called Quest / De la Soul / Jungle Brothers
Would highly recommend Little Brother to those con…
Why is it so hard to forgive others?
Just don't let this turn itself into "hate yo…
Good coffeeshops in Amsterdam
oh and FIND Kashmir Lounge. Just do it.. + 2 more
on  Sammy2912
Prices are ridiculous
Likewise. Dry as a bone and didn't match photo or …
on  ad_l
What's the difference between commercial CBD Oil and "Dark Net" CBD oil?
Hello mate I believe UK law would limit the CBD pe…
My favourite!
Going in for a Q as we speak..
I need a new series to watch
I’ve just run to Windsor