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by  Jazzyda1
Anyone buy off ammunnation from Ireland 2 weeks no delivery
by  Jazzyda1
Anyone order hash off hashisen ??? Iv paid 2days ago and not posted yet and no reply
topics by Jazzyda1
Also everybody when I ordered I didn't put a door … + 6 more
All the hash I can find in the uk. (30/8/20)
Hows it going.. fantastic list very well laid out …
on  Rachxx
Legit Vendor For Cheap Baccy
Hello there that really sounds like great value ba…
Beware of Radar Breeder
Hi ye this is jazzyda1 .. haven't wrote bad shit a…
Its landed -Vader OG - pics
You lucky lucky fella enjoy!!!
Why so cheap? Did u guys forget to include transaxe fees into your prices?
In my dreams!!! Hello there I'm in Ireland and tha…
on  Omega554
Ah well your not in ye cant win .. thanks anyway + 2 more
Back next week, curing as we speak :) and thank you!
How ye.. from a fellow Irishman you will have to c…
Any interest some top end Moroccan cream?
I have and no worries at all ... good on you blame…
What would you like on the menu?
First off delivery to Ireland Haha...good pollen a…
whatsup biggaz?
Sorry man heavy indica..I'm buying right after you… + 4 more