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Link for pink ladie please
by  Jazzyda1
Custom letter with the Weed!!!!!!!!!!!!
by  Jazzyda1
Thank you
by  Jazzyda1
BTC sent twice please help!!
by  Jazzyda1
Anyone order hash off hashisen ??? Iv paid 2days ago and not posted yet and no reply
by  Jazzyda1
by  Jazzyda1
by  Jazzyda1
Anyone buy off ammunnation from Ireland 2 weeks no delivery
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on  united333
Hay, love honey and Nero have a lovely selection of great quality good value hash's Both posting from Spain have had alot of success with my orders ar…
Cherry Pie Hash! Super dank. We call it the Xmas pudding hash.
Hi ye,looks beautiful hash, the price hasn't come up and is it available to your Irish neighbours???(saying not available in Ireland) Please and thank…
on  Mrbond20
Best hash on LB?
Without dought 100% its Hashlover420 Gelato Sherbet Moroccan, unbelievable stuff €100 for 4.5g the best 100 ever spent, on a different level to anyth…
1st Order In🍪💥
No bother man delighted to be the first ... Best of luck on biggie ... Also good value to start with ...
Too good to miss
What a service is so right.. no arseing around no 6 or 7 messages just buy wait a while and there you go on floor when you come home, quality is alway…
Thanks lads
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Freebies available - Limited Time Only
Yes I'm in would love to try
on  Omega554
Ah well your not in ye cant win .. thanks anyway + 2 more
Moroccan value hash
Hay Tony, just received the value Hash , it's all good although it's not the green slate!! That brought back memories...slightest burn needed and spre…
on  Budlover
Delivery times uk to Ireland
Hi ye, I'm down south west of Ireland, really it's anything from 5 to 13 or 14 days usually for me ... hope this helps ,,, best bit of advice don't h…
on  {bitcoin}
I am utterly clueless
Hi ye, I feel for you , it's happened to us all : ))))))) I'm no expert but try moonpay I found them to be the easiest way but I'm not sure it's the c…
Keep the faith man really good community to point you in the right direction... I'm mainly a hash smoker iv used lots if not all the hash vendors iv f… + 3 more