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what if we let the boomers die?
"happy" ??? what an awful, miscalculat…
why are there still presidents?
Our - at least many of our - heads have and likely…
doctor doc
I have dry eczema. What kind of diet, exercise, lifestyle would you suggest? Cbd salves, will they work? Thanks
eczema is a symptom, salves may help with a sympto…
on  dunny1981
Crap bud from vendor.
why don't you want to put their name on here for e…
Has anyone tried this yet?
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Strange that alcohol is allowed on LB considering it’s a carcinogen (cancer causing) , addictive and Socially harm…
*and since I found LB my social life has been a 0.… + 2 more
Accuses you of exactly what he's doing.
opps. perhaps I should consider reading the whole … + 2 more
The order is almost due to delete and still no product!
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Royal Mail Fined
its 1.6 mill
bigg now