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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
No mention of Devlin, for shame LB. Check his fire in the booth B)
Sold out or gone?
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{lb help}
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Vape help wanted for vape noob
If you can wait up to 2 weeks SayNo2Drugs has carts from US dispensaries and always comes through. Tracking on shipments hasn't been working properly…
{lb help}
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Firefly 2/2+ Concentrate Pads
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So happy that they are back
Likewise, tried some other carts and they just don't hold a candle to these ones. Shout-out to Drugs Inc's Purple Valley Shatter carts though, those …
Stock levels
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Broke after one use gutted
Same happened to me last night, been using carts for ages and was super careful with the voltage as these were new to me. Cool went at 2.8 volts and I…
Super Sour Diesel - Oh my!
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Stay safe friend
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