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Crypto Crackdown
I’ve been hearing about Binance no longer being available in the UK and various restrictions being put on cryptocurrency. Should we be worried? Is buying/sending Bitcoin a problem now? I haven’t had the dosh to buy for a couple of weeks so not sure what the situation is.
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(Please forgive the gaps in the wording on this post. The idiotic algorithm thinks i'm trying to sell off-site for some bizarre reason so i've had to break up a few words to get around it.)

Banking institutions and governments will always be opposed to anything financial that they can't (or find hard to) tax. They can't control crypto so they want to make it as hard to trade in as possible.

I've been suggesting people get crypto ban k acc ounts for a while now, i've no idea why they aren't more popular on here. is OK, is even better (in my opinion). I have both accounts and the debit cards work most places in the UK. You can't do some banking like standing orders etc with them, (although direct debits do work), but the important thing is you can transfer GBP between your high street ban k and the crypto ban k seamlessly because it's only when it appears in your crypto account that you then exchange it for BTC. Until that point it's a standard GBP ban k trans fer.

Seems to be a long term solution to these issues and it's as simple as downloading an app, taking a few pictures of your face and ID etc, link the account to your high street bank account and bingo, no more issues buying crypto.

Just my 2p but it works for me.

Cheers. BB
Thanks! I recently signed up to Cryptopayme and have found it quick and easy to use so far, with swift responses to any issues. I s’pose my main concern is being able to buy from here, it’s made life a lot easier! :)
Bitcoin is here to stay my friend. It takes 20 years for anything to go mainstream. They were saying the same things about the internet in the 90's and look at it now.
Good point! My bank was initially very reluctant to let me buy Bitcoin, all ok now but I def got the feeling they’d rather I didn’t.
Yes, the blockchain is a rival to the banks as it's a far superior instrument to the current fiat banking system. Corruption would stop with the use of the blockchain. It has the capabilities of stopping wars. The bank hates Crypto and will always try to take out the competition.
Can’t buy Bitcoin!
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