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Cannavis street soft hash?
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Best trim
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U.K. Royal Mail delays
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most inspirational rapper?
Some whackerey going on in these replies, LOL. Here’s a few… Rakim Chuck D Mos Def Large Professor (Main Source)
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Friendliest Islamic Destinations?
Most ‘ordinary’ people are friendly and accommodating wherever you go, it’s the extremist hardline cultists in positions of power that are the cancer.… + 2 more
Audi Hash
Got some on order looking forward to getting hold of it. Looks special as per. + 2 more
Is Bitcoin Dying Out?
So what’s the advice if you have funds tied up in BTC. Leave as is or sell?……
what types of hash are your favorite?
I love your Maroc which has a lovely mellow stone. Then the Indian hand rubbed is nice and fruity. Both have a lovely natural taste and high. Not like…
What does it mean to be human?
Love Love for others, love for yourself and accepting that you are not without faults Compassion and humility. Being thankful every day for being ali…
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bitcoin fee's
...or alternatively vote with our feet as the vendors have and just not use LB until it’s sorted properly and made fair for sellers and buyers. It’s n…
My experience on LittleBiggy
This is a great hassle free place, and one that’s rare to find these days that is distinctly lacking in massive arseholes. With decent folk and an und…
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Hash Help
Hashashin has some very nice product and it’s highly recommended but factor in delivery times due to Xmas.
Peace, love and support
Yes yes! Full solidarity with ordinary brave Ukrainians AND Russians who are against the poisonous gnome. I’m hoping the Russian people will have had… + 2 more