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Cannavis street soft hash?
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Moroccan hash
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Best trim
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U.K. Royal Mail delays
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EddysEdibles! January competition announced! 🥇🥈🥉🍾
60 Bless you sir!
Rare Nepalese Temple Hash Eggs 🇳🇵
Looks similar to Hashishin’s Caramello balls. And they were cheaper. Looks nice but too pricey. I’ll wait for the return of the main man…
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Floyd Fans?
Dropping some cool there. As you can tell by my avatar I’m a massive Syd fan. All things Syd is my bag. And being an old guy I have a lot of the origi… + 3 more
on  J_t_611
Starling Bank (🔔ends)
Try Bitilicious never had any issues with them and you won’t need a wallet.
better keep LB secret or disclose links to make the community known?
I concur with this, I found this place 4 years ago by fluke. I guess if it’s meant to be then it is. Already spotted one or two coneheads on here rece…
Any Thai/brick weed/less potent weed on here?
I was looking at that red string Thai from TGT, any good?
Best International Stealth
Lol. I’m not on a retainer from the man but mines yet another vote for Hashishin who has consistently been head and shoulders above everything on LB t…
Not shake.
Other vendors are selling Moroccan hash which is like soap bar so there’s a lot of bollocks being stated about stuff being sold by some vendors. Shady…
on  Aabuyer
Smoking and working out
I love to smoke a bit of hash and go for a run. I run 4 times a week anyways so no biggy, really enjoy running while high though :)
Shatter & hash review
Hash looks nice but a bit pricey for a U.K. seller and what essentially looks like nice gold seal hash, I’d rather wait for Hashishin’s return for som… + 2 more
on  united333
Quite simply THE best hashish vendor by a mile on here was/is Hashishin Sadly for us he’s taking a break at the moment and not sure when he’s back Hi… + 5 more
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A Trip Back to 1990 - Chill Out (KLF)
One of the best chill out/ambient albums of all time. Also the KLF made ‘Space’ which is another ambient lp based around….the theme of space. I’ve go…
on  Ninja7227
Why so much hate
I think this is a symptom of wider society. There’s so many angry, hateful individuals out there that like to moan and complain and make someone else …