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Barbados contact (long shot!)
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Hash bulk deals - wanted
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Search function and dates
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Contacting transaxe?
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BITCOIN doubled!
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Not sure if it's the cocktails but..
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We're back
mate you blow more smoke than you deliver. Does this mean I get my outstanding 600gms too? lol
Cookies & Cream via Pistach (review)
started topic + 3 more
and then some! lol
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
The industrial revolution was the beginning of the end for our species.
Anyone do weight loss meds?
I lost 8 stone (>100lbs, 45Kgs) over 10 months last year. Stress induced loss of appetite, then lots of physical work (yard work/gardening) = ketos…
filtered hash 17/9
looks and sounds like a banger!
on  winston
Best alcoholic drink pairing with weed
dark rum and coke, a long one with ice and wedge of fresh (mexican/key) lime - no brainer - always smoke before drinking, other way round is a bad ide…
cannabis and exercise
I've just come back after a 15yr "tolerance break" haha. Since March I have lost 30kgs/ 4.7 stone / 66lbs, combination of reduced appetite, … + 2 more
on  Smudge101
Too many vendors marking orders as sent when they haven't even sent it
agree you are jolly good chaps/chapesses, based on one or two faultless-in-all-respects transactions. I would have worked with you more frequently, b… + 6 more
Bar of hash
the bars you see here tend to be 100gms - I've bought "one or two" lol. So, that's 3.57ozs. "9 bars" associate with commercial so… + 2 more