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BITCOIN doubled!
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Not sure if it's the cocktails but..
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4th review attempt (that I can remember)
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what if we let the boomers die?
as a 51yr old father of 11yr old twins (one boy, one girl), and reflecting on how I have myself matured (lack of!) I can honestly offer an opinion tha…
cannabis and exercise
hey I got a good woman and fine mother of two beautiful kids out of it haha I'm glad to be back to myself though - lost >30kgs (70lbs) through dro… + 2 more
I love Hootan!
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Top Vendor of 2020
Back on the scene, like a .. ..starving man thrown a box of crackers. Prices have gone up a bit since 2007. And what CHOICE! Christ, when I last sco…
Newbie review
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