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June 2021, vac packing and whats good?
my .2 I would say the issues of the past are just that and are in the past, personal experience of course, but my recent orders (at least the last 4 o…
alternative future currencies
BCH - bitcoin cash, minimal fees, very underrated imo!
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Bitpanda problem
The fee is not linked to the transaction amount. You could be spening $40 and have a $20 fee or $4000 and fee would still be $20. primarily dependan… + 4 more
Black Cherry Punch review
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ethereum anyone?
Yah if the BTC fees remain at relatively high levels, I can see adoption of BCH picking up quicker than people will realise + 2 more
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Cheapest way to send BTC
order when quiet, bitpanda fee to send btc @ 21/03/21 09:44am = £2.43.....
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Do I need a Bitcoin wallet?
Hey mate, as well as buying BTC, if wanting to join cloud based BTC mining to earn small BTC amts for free - Can use on all dev… + 2 more
Life extension and reversal of the Epigenetic Clock. Good or bad?
If I could recommend one book everyone should read this year it would be Lifespan. It's science, it's facts, it's perspective shattering and throughou…
How do other vendors deal with loads of inputs on the blockchain?
swap it to BCH and fees are virtually 0
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Bitcoin Sites
bitpanda often referenced no issues with it personally either!
hash after brexit
Curious, why would it be harder to find?
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Can you get through a night without getting high?
I struggle if I'm without, moreso in the night time I definitely always want a smoke before bed. Not to say haven't had nights without but deffo get m…